Nutritional Recovery Center: This program consists of providing 24-hour care to the children admitted to the foundation. These children are the most severe cases of malnutrition to which we attend in the institution. We provide the necessary daily amounts of food and vitamins to all children admitted here.


They are constantly monitored by 1 pediatrician, 2 doctos, 2 nurses, 3 nannies, a physiotherapist and a nutritionist for the care of our babies.

Ambulatory control: It is here that the most severe cases that warrant admission are detected. The babies that do not need to be admitted are still evaluated on an outpatient basis every 15 days or one visit per month, depending on the doctor's evaluation. The babies in ambulatory control are generally moderately malnourished, which can be controlled from home with the free advice of our nutritional medical consultation that is always provided.

The families of ambulatory controls are given a basket of food that has been donated to us. The products we deliver are: oil, beans, oats, cereal, milk, pasta, eggs, frozen chicken, frozen fish heads, frozen sausages, rice and lentils.

Children's dining rooms: Love Link Inc. supports three children's dining rooms where basic food is provided to more than 300 children between the 0- 18 years old.

The community kitchens are located in: Chalatenango in the municipalities of El Paraíso and Citala with more than 80 children; San Salvador in the municipality of San Salvador community Modelo 3 and in the municipality of Apopa the community Valle de Sol with more than 150 children; La Libertad in the municipality of Lourdes Colonia Villa Lourdes with more than 40 children; San Vicente in the municipality of Tepetitan with more than 30 children; La Paz in the municipality of San Luis La Herradura, Isla la Calzada with more than 140 children.

All community kitchens also benefit from a medical check-up program.

Medical Days: Monthly, we mobilize and attend to families in different sectors of El Salvador. We decided to start this program due to the troublesome situations of people that have made efforts to connect with Love Link Inc. On these days, we have a morning of free medical consultation and physical therapy.

The places we visit in El Salvador are the communities listed: Tacuba, Ahuachapan; El Carrizal, Nahuizalco located in Sonsonate; and San Vicente.