Love Link Inc. was established with the vision of serving children with severe malnutrition in El Salvador. More specifically, the purpose was to improve the physical development of children under 2 years old. The foundation was founded by Samuel and Julie Hawkins, who came to the country in 1986 during a difficult time of war in El Salvador.

Samuel and Julie created Love Link Inc. in 1987, founded as a Nutritional Recovery Center with the mission of serving the malnourished children of El Salvador. The need for the foundation is great because these children are often forgotten by our government, meaning we restore physical health and give hope back to families that would not receive help if it were not for our foundation. The Hawkins´ work was inspired by the death of their first patient, Karla Francisca Salmerón, who weighed only 9 pounds at 14 months old. After receiving Karla from the hospital, they realized the need for a place to serve malnourished babies. Thus, a seed was planted in their hearts and it grew to bear a great amount of fruit. Today, due to the work of their foundation, almost more than 3,000 children are alive and healthy!

We want to thank the different companies that have supported Love Link Inc. throughout the years. As time has passed, we have received many more donors that have joined the work for nutrition in Salvadoran children. The foundation has gone through good and bad years, such as having to move locations four times to different places in El Salvador. In fact, we are still looking for a place of our own.

Our children have been supervised by the best care providers that are fully trained. We have been increasing our capacity of skill and care for the babies by receiving training in a variety of areas.

The first two years of development are vital for the human body because this is when it learns to demonstrate healthy growth, a sign of how the body will progress for the rest of its life.

Love Link Inc. is currently celebrating 32 years of work in El Salvador and has rescued more than 3,000 children. The support we have given has been significant to the families of these children and to those that are serving in the foundation. Our project, the Nutritional Recovery Center, works every day with a population that has scarce resources. These conditions leave children vulnerable with weak health and social skills. We have a specific mission, a vision, and objectives to help these children.


To recover the nutritional status of children under 2 years of age with severe malnutrition in El Salvador and thereby contribute to the eradication of child mortality nationwide.


To be an NGO that enforces the strategic mechanisms necessary to eradicate malnutrition and infant mortality in the country, providing vital attention to children in El Salvador.

General objective:

• To recover the nutritional status of children who enter the Child Nutritional Recovery Center.

Specific objectives:

• To share the love and healing power of Jesus Christ to children who suffer from malnutrition.

• To monitor the daily nutrition of each child admitted to the Nutritional Recovery Center.

• To provide nutritional education to parents of children with malnutrition.